Governing Law & Dispute Resolution Mechanism

The Law No. 19 of 2002 on Copyright (the “Copyright Law”) does not stipulate any provisions concerning collecting societies.

With regard to royalty collection, Article 45 (4) of the Copyright Law stipulates that “the amount of royalty, which has to be paid by the licensee to the copyright holder, shall be based on the agreement between parties, referring to the agreement of professional organization as a guideline”. Accordingly, the Copyright Law indicates that royalty collection be based on agreements
between the copyright holders and users.

There is no definition of the term “professional organization”. This is expected to  be addressed in the next amendment to the Copyright Law.  

Is there a specialized dispute resolution body? No
Which Body? N/A
Do the general courts have jurisdiction to determine reasonable license terms where they cannot be agreed? Yes
Which court? As any other copyright dispute, parties may address such issues to the Commercial Court – or arbitration tribunal.