Overview per Jurisdiction
Governing Law & Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Copyright Act, 2002 and Regulation 2004 

We have specific law regarding this namely Copyright Act, 2002 and its Regulation 2004, particularly for CMO is provided under provisions Section 39 and Section 9.

Is there a specialized dispute resolution body? Yes
Which Body?

The same Act under Section 30 (2) (b), Section 30 and Section 35 provides for this provision.

Copy Right Registrar's Office, Appellate Court, Supreme Court and Concerned District Court to implement the decision.

Do the general courts have jurisdiction to determine reasonable license terms where they cannot be agreed? Yes
Which court? Appellate Court, Supreme Court and the District Court

Summary of Key Collecting Societies
Type of Licenses
TV Radio Online Production Mechanical Performance / Renting Live Events Products Others
MRCSN - Music Royalty Collection Society Nepal N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
PSN - Performers Society of Nepal N/A N/A

N/A - CMO does not offer this type of license

Level of Activity

The local collecting societies are generally active.

Contributors / Coordinators

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