Collecting Societies

1. Copyright Trust Management of Photocopy/Transmission Rights for every copyright work that can be copied (Permission of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism required)

2. Agency and Brokerage for copyright works users request  (Report to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)


(03924) 7F, Digital innovation center,
11 World Cup buk-ro 54-gil,
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Ms. Kyeong-eun Lee
Public Benefit Department

  • Music publishers
  • Print publishers
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Book publishers
Rights administered by the Collecting Society? Right held by virtue of a law or statute? Possible by law to have these rights cleared directly by the right holder without involving the Collecting Society?
Reproduction / copying rights Yes Yes Yes
Public performance rights Yes Yes Yes
Distribution rights / rights to issue copies to the public Yes Yes Yes
Rights to communicate to the public / make available over the internet Yes Yes Yes
Other rights  
  • Reprographic/copying rights
Yes Yes Yes