Collecting Societies

FILVADRO, the collective management organization (CMO) for visual arts and design, has been created under existing laws and treaties on intellectual property. FILVADRO administers and enforces the copyright of visual artists and designers over their artistic works.

+63 939 921 5546 (mobile)

No. 8 Sunflower Street,
Manuela I Subdivision, Pamplona III,
Las Pinas City

Information for FILVADRO was contributed by the CMO through WIPO

Karen Ocampo Flores
  • Record companies
  • Music publishers
  • Film Studios
  • Film directors
  • Performers
  • Print publishers
Rights administered by the Collecting Society? Right held by virtue of a law or statute? Possible by law to have these rights cleared directly by the right holder without involving the Collecting Society?
Reproduction / copying rights Yes Yes Yes
Public performance rights Yes Yes Yes
Distribution rights / rights to issue copies to the public Yes Yes Yes
Rights to communicate to the public / make available over the internet Yes Yes Yes
Other rights  
  • Resale Right
Yes Yes Yes

Resale Right is the right of an artist to 5% of the gross proceeds of the re-sale or rental of an original artwork.