Collecting Societies

This is the collecting society to which an application for license may be made by a person or organization intending to perform, authorize the performance of, mechanically reproduce and/or synchronize copyrighted music of member music publishers in any manner or by any method.

All prices quoted are VAT-inclusive, based on the presumption that VAT should be included in published prices.

+63 2 4156277; +63 2 4156282; +63 2 4156284
+63 2 9289852

140 Scout Rallos St.
Brgy. Sacred Heart
Quezon City

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  • Music publishers
Rights administered by the Collecting Society? Right held by virtue of a law or statute? Possible by law to have these rights cleared directly by the right holder without involving the Collecting Society?
Reproduction / copying rights Yes No Yes
Public performance rights Yes No No
Distribution rights / rights to issue copies to the public Yes No Yes
Rights to communicate to the public / make available over the internet Yes No No
Other rights  
  • Synchronization rights (music synchronized to a video, e.g., music video, movie, television commercial)
Yes No Yes