Collecting Societies

COMPASS is a public, non-profit organization that licenses rights for the reproduction, broadcast, diffusion, and public performance rights of musical works and lyrics.
In order to become a member of COMPASS, copyright holders must assign their public performance rights exclusively to COMPASS. They may choose to additionally assign their reproduction rights as well.

As the assignee of Music Publishers Singapore, COMPASS also collects fees for the performing rights of a large body of instrumental composition and lyrics of original musical compositions.

All prices quoted herein are subject to an additional 7% goods and services tax (GST).


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Information for COMPASS was contributed by the CMO through Baker & McKenzie

  • Record companies
  • Music publishers
  • Performers
Rights administered by the Collecting Society? Right held by virtue of a law or statute? Possible by law to have these rights cleared directly by the right holder without involving the Collecting Society?
Reproduction / copying rights Yes Yes No
Public performance rights Yes Yes No
Distribution rights / rights to issue copies to the public Yes Yes No
Rights to communicate to the public / make available over the internet Yes Yes No
Other rights  

Whether it is possible to have these rights cleared directly by the right-holder without involving COMPASS will depend on whether the right holder has, at its option, assigned its Reproduction Rights to COMPASS (“Reproduction Rights”, by COMPASS’s definition, include distribution rights and rights to make available over the internet).