Collecting Societies

JASRAC administers copyright in musical works.  A copyright owner of a musical work may enter into a trust agreement with JASRAC, by which the title to the musical work (excluding moral rights) is transferred to JASRAC for three years.  The trust agreement is renewable.  The copyright owner may exclude certain rights (such as right to use the work for movies) from the scope of title transferred by the trust agreement.  (Therefore, the scope of title that JASRAC holds explained in Question 2.3 may change depending on the contents of the trust agreement executed with each copyright holder.)  JASRAC handles licensing of musical works to users and enforcement of copyright against unauthorized use of musical work.

From 1939 when JASRAC first began providing musical copyright administration in Japan as a non-profit organization, it served as Japan’s sole musical copyright administration society for over 60 years.  In October 2001, enactment of the Act on Management Business of Copyright and Neighboring Rights opened the door for many commercial enterprises to enter the business of copyright management.  While JASRAC has been operating in a competitive environment since then, it still is one of the largest collecting societies for music related copyrights in Japan.

The amount of fees/royalties to be paid to collecting societies are exclusive of VAT (in Japan, it is called "consumption tax").  The person who wants to receive license from the collecting societies has to pay the amount plus 5 % consumption tax. (8% from April 2014)


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Information for JASRAC was contributed by the CMO through WIPO

Satoshi Watanabe
Deputy General Manager, General Affairs Bureau, JASRAC
  • Music publishers
Rights administered by the Collecting Society? Right held by virtue of a law or statute? Possible by law to have these rights cleared directly by the right holder without involving the Collecting Society?
Reproduction / copying rights Yes Yes No
Public performance rights Yes Yes No
Distribution rights / rights to issue copies to the public Yes Yes No
Rights to communicate to the public / make available over the internet Yes Yes No
Other rights  
  • Rights of screen presentation
Yes Yes No
  • Rights of translation or adaptation
No No No
  • Rights to rent
Yes Yes No
  • Right to publicly transmit (through Internet)
Yes Yes No

JASRAC trustors may make a choice in every three year to opt out their entrustment from JASRAC administration for Japan subject to 4 categories of rights; Performing rights, Mechanical rights, Lending rights and Publication rights, and for 7 categories of usage; Recording in films, Recording in videograms, Recording in game software, Recording for transmission of commercials, Broadcasting /cable broadcasting, Interactive transmissions and On-line Karaoke for business use.